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Just Dinner started as a dream of Andrew Rebori to have a small eatery where he could cook and entertain for his friends in a relaxed, romantic setting. The restaurant opened its doors to the Montrose neighborhood in 2007. With just one waiter and a chef Just Dinner began as a small operation serving only neighbors and friends. The restaurant stayed under the radar for a while, only known to friends of friends. No advertising, nor marketing efforts were used, people who fell in love with the restaurant told their friends, and the family grew from there. In 2008 Andrew Rebori and Lila Rivas decided to combine their expertise and grow Just Dinner into the butterfly it is today. Ms. Rivas took ownernship of Just Dinner on Dunlavy August 1, 2011 when Mr. Rebori retired from the restaurant business.

The Mogan House was built by Mr. & Mrs. Mogan in 1928. Andrew & Lisa Rebori transformed the empty house into a charming cozy retreat. This mysterious little bungalow tucked away in a sleepy Montrose neighborhood intrigues guest as they walk up to the front door. With only a blue neon light shining the address 1915 from the front window as signage, new guests are often reluctant to open the front door because it seems as if one is walking into a private home. Quickly guests are lured inside with the aromas coming from the kitchen.

Born in El Salvador and raised in Houston, Lila Rivas has worked her way up the restaurant food chain since 2001. Lila started out bartending and waiting tables at local restaurants in the Montrose area. She immersed herself in Houston’s sub-culture of food lovers, networking with local chefs and restaurateurs. Her love for fine dining and organic food finds brought her to Just Dinner. Dining one night at Just Dinner Lila met Andrew and a friendship blossomed. She quickly took on the responsibility of managing Just Dinner and learned from Andrew how to run Houston’s smallest BYOB. A mutual love for Just Dinner created an atmosphere where Lila was the natural heiress when Andrew decided to retire. Today Lila shops, manages staff, and sometimes cooks in the kitchen at Just Dinner on Dunlavy.


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